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TRUE LOCK 4.5mm Proximal Tibia Lateral Anatomic Plate 

TRUE LOCK 4.5mm Proximal Tibia Lateral Anatomic Plates are indicated for steopenic bone, tibial osteotomies, nonunions, malunions, and fractures of the proximal tibia including:

-  Simple, comminuted fractures
Lateral wedge fractures
Depression medial wedge fractures x Bicondylar combination of lateral

wedge and depression fractures
Periprosthetic fractures
Proximal fractures with associated  shaft fractures

Tibia plateau fractures make up 1-2% of all fractures and are in the third rank of adult fractures in terms of their incidence during 50 years of life. Plateau fractures involving the tibia upper end joint range widely from complex fractures caused by mild injuries.

Anatomical plate; right & left

8 hole options between 3-17

TRUE LOCK 4.5mm Proximal Tibia Lateral Anatomic Plates are made of Ti6Al4V ELI material (ASTM F136)

The Combi hole provides the flexibility of axial compression and locking capability throughout the length of the plate shaft.
Anatomically contoured to approximate the lateral aspect of the proximal tibia.
Can be tensioned to create a load-sharing construct.
Two 2.0 mm holes for preliminary fixation with K-wires, or meniscal repair with sutures.
Elongated Combi holes in the neck and shaft facilitate plate adjustment and allow locking or compression options.
Kirschner wire holes accept Kirschner wires (up to 2.0 mm) to temporarily fix the plate to the tibia , to temporarily reduce articular fragments, and to confirm the location of the plate, relative to the tibia.
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