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4.5mm Proximal Tibia Medial Locking Plate

Tibia plateau fractures make up 1-2% of all fractures and are in the third rank of adult fractures in terms of their incidence during 50 years of life. Plateau fractures involving the tibia upper end joint range widely from complex fractures caused by mild injuries.

4.5 Proximal Tibia Medial Anatomic Locking Plate is designed to stabilize fractures and deformities occurring in the medial part proximal to the tibia.

It has 2 types, right and left and it has 7 different hole numbers from 5 to 17. The plate can be used with Ø4.5mm locking or unlocking cortical screws or Ø6.5mm locking or unlocking cancellous screws, depending on the surgeon's preference.

The plate has an anatomical shape and profile. It is designed to minimize soft tissue irritation. Thanks to the conical end of the plate, its placement on the bone is easier.

Thanks to the Kirschner wire holes, the plate can be temporarily fixed to the tibia, broken pieces can be reduced and the position of the plate relative to the bone can be adjusted. Combi holes allow axial compression; Offers stronger stability with locking screw holes.

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