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Distal Radius Volar Locking Plate

Distal Radius end fractures; It is the most common type of fracture in whole body bone fractures. They constitute 8-15% of all fractures

Distal Radius Volar Standard Anatomic Locking Plate is designed to provide stabilization of fractures and deformities occurring distal to radius bone.

It has 2 types, right and left, and has 5 different hole numbers from 3 to 9. 

The plate can be used with Ø2.7mm, Ø3.5mm and Ø4.0mm locking cortical or cancellous screws in the shaft part according to the surgeon's preference. In the distal part, 2.3mm locking cortical screws are used.

ASTM F136 standart gerekliliklerini sağlayan Ti6Al4V ELI malzemeden üretilmektedir.
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