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1/3 Tubular Locking Straight Plate

1/3 Tubular Locking Ulna Radius Straight Plate is designed to stabilize ulna, radius and fibula shaft fractures. 

Radius and ulna body fractures differ from other diaphyseal fractures due to the relationship between both bones and the fractures can affect the elbow and wrist joints. In adulthood, forearm fractures often require surgical treatment, as they are noticeably displaced and unstable

The number of holes is from 4 to 12. The plate can be used with Ø2.7mm, Ø3.5mm and Ø4.0mm locking cortical or cancellous screws according to the surgeon's preference.

The plate is designed to be flush with the bone surface and minimize soft tissue irritation. Thanks to the conical ends of the plate, its placement on the bone is easier.

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