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Distal Fibula Posterolateral Locking Plate

The plate has an anatomical shape and profile.

Distal Fibula Posterolateral Anatomic Locking Plate is designed to stabilize the fractures and deformities occurring in the posterolateral part of the distal part of the fibula. It has 2 types, right and left and it has 4 different hole numbers from 3 to 9. The plate can be used with Ø2.7mm, Ø3.5mm and Ø4.0mm locking cortical or cancellous screws according to the surgeon's preference.

It is theoretically known that the detection of the fibula fractures seen with the tibia fracture contributes to bringing the lower limb length to the position it should be in and the early load with a more stable fixation. Another advantage of fibular fixation has been reported as reducing the stress on fixation applied to the tibia and ensuring the normal anatomy of the lower limbs.

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