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Olecranon Anatomic Locking Plate

Olecranon Anatomic Locking Plate is designed to provide stabilization of fractures and deformities occurring proximal to ulna. 

Approximately 10% of elbow circumference fractures. The subcutaneous location of the ulna makes it susceptible to trauma and fractures. Most of the olecranon fractures are formed by the direct effect of trauma force on the proximal of the ulna from the distal humerus or by pulling the proximal ulna of the triceps adhesion site with an indirect effect.

It has 2 types, right and left, and has 10 different hole numbers from 3 to 12. The plate can be used with Ø2.7mm, Ø3.5mm and Ø4.0mm locking cortical or cancellous screws according to the surgeon's preference.

The plate has an anatomical shape and profile. Thanks to the pre-shaped plates, the bending process of the surgeon to match the patient's anatomy during the surgery is eliminated.

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