Manufacturing, selling and marketing orthopedic Medical Devices, Trumed was founded on August 2012 for adapting its high technology manufacturing experiences ,derived from past, to its products. Truemed consists of very qualified, trustworthy, prescient staff. All of them come from the orthopedic implants manufacturing industries and and focus on - customer need and satisfactory continuously. Truemed Medical has entered the orthopedic implant market manufacturing advanced design and quality fixation plates and screws of lower and upper extremity. In a short time, Truemed started to produce new products like locking nail systems, external fixators, partial prosthesis, pediatric implants and extend his product family according to needs of the market. Having ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and CE Certificates. Truemed implements Quality Management Systems and conforms with 93 / 42 EEC Medical Devices Directive requirements. Our core principle is to produce Medical Devices conforming with contemporary national and international standards, norms and giving weight to human health. We think that “there is no bigger wealth other than health”